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COVID-19 Lung - for Medics only

Not to be read if not medically qualified or of a nervous disposition

This is going the rounds: The phenomenon described implies severe V/Q mismatch without abnormalities in respiratory mechanics, like a cyanotic heart condition, or PE. Implies may not achieve a lot by early intubation except to prevent sudden deterioration, if anything. May be worth checking RV function and use inhaled vasodilators both for the VQ and for RV function. HFNC with 100% will be better choice, or nitric oxide before intubation? Might work to improve V/Q mismatch and reduce RV strain. Would a hyperbaric chamber be a better treatment, similar to the way altitude sickness and the bends are treated. Concentrated oxygen pressure instead of mechanical ventilation. Parts of the descriptions seem similar to Persistent Pulmonary HTN of the newborn. Endothelial damage gives overproduction of endothelin. Treatment with iNO, PDE5 inhibitors, and High Freq Oscillation Vents. Also virus may disrupt the beta chain of HgB to take up O2 - and could transfuse RBC to help with oxygen carrier capacity. Also does the virus hide hypoxia from the body? That’s why people are being found dead at home because they didn’t know they were slowly suffocating.

The post also seems to attract comments from the 5G nut, saying masts are extracting oxygen from patients….

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